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  • Loncon di Annone Veneto - Italy

Purification Technologies

Plant performance

    • Daily Output: 80 M3/Dd
    • COD In: 8000 Mg/L
    • COD Out: 160 Mg/L


Grenagricola SpA, a company in the Generali group in the agricultural sector and owner of 25 agricultural holdings in Italy, contacted us to improve the performance of the wastewater treatment plant of the wine farm Tenuta S’Anna in Annone Veneto. The aim was to avoid major interventions and construction works and possibly adopting technologies that could reduce the use of the technical staff during the grape harvest, notably the most challenging period in terms of load of the influent to the treatment plant.


Our solution: the existing plant was a traditional one, an activated-sludge plant with oxidation and settling.In order to increase the treatment capacity without enlarging the volumes of reactors, we redesigned the whole process and converted it to the MBBR technology by using the existing tanks with a different function. We replaced all electromechanical equipments and added a chemical-physical phase to use during the grape harvest. The process is controlled remotely by a telemetry system, in order to guarantee the highest possible standards of active and passive safety, as required by Genagaricola.

Upon completion, in 2018, just before the grape harvest, the plant successfully dealt with 2 harvest seasons always reaching the purifying standards required. This is one of the few wastewater treatment plants with MBBR technology in an agricultural holding.

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