Area S.r.l.

MBR upgrading of the waste water treatment plant in a liquid waste disposal site

360° Service

  • Design
  • Construction


  • Gradisca di Sedegliano (UD)

Purification Technologies

Plant performance

    • Daily flow: 1400 m3/day
    • COD out: <100 mg/l
    • TSS out: absent
    • Receiver: river


Area Srl is a subsidiary comapany of Itelyum Group holding, a well known company operating in waste disposal sector. Client’s willing was to further enhance the efficency of their final water treatment plant, improving the quality of the water discharged into the near river.


Being the existing waste water treatment a classic activated sludge plant (oxidation/sedimentation), we proposed to install, beside existing settler, an MBR ultrafiltration plant, composed of three identical and independent lines, able to treat 100% of incoming flow. MBR modules, hollow fiber type, have been installed into an existing concrete tank, previously adapted, and related facilities into an existing control room. If necessary, treatment scheme can be easily converted back to origin.

The system is equipped with an enhanced automation, aimed to increase treatmemnt stability and reduce human resources engagement, and can be fully controlled by remore through WEB connection.

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