DIP Mariel A8

Design and construction of the wastewater treatment plant of the industrial park – Lotto A8

360° Service

  • Design
  • Construction


  • Mariel (CUBA)

Purification Technologies

Construction Technologies

Construction year

  • 2015

Plant performance

    • Population Equivalent: 4000 (1° Lot Of 3)
    • Actual Daily Output: 800 M3/Dd
    • Max. Future Daily Output: 2400 M3/Dd
    • Cod In: 700 Mg/L
    • Cod Out: < 120 Mg/L
    • Receiver: Sea


Near Havana was established a new industrial area divided into different lots, each of them needed the construction of a treatment plant for water comparable to civil water. The Client requested a technical solution striving forward ease in management and, mainly, a modular design, since the end water load was still uncertain.


In order to guarantee an adequate purifying yields with a compact and easy to manage plant, we opted for a the MBBR technology. Aiming to minimise the use of concrete, due to the due to the difficulties in supply and realisation in Cuba, we opted for prefabricated tanks in shipping container for process reactors, the Client only had to realise a flat concrete platform for the tanks. The project was initially optimised for 3 parallel lines, 2 of them to be carried out in the future.

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