Forneria Gusparo S.p.A.

Design and construction of the upgrading in the waste water treatment plant in Coseano (ITA) factory

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  • Coseano (UD)

Purification Technologies

Plant performance

    • People Equivalent: 7.000
    • Daily flow: 50 m3/gg
    • COD in: 18000 mg/l
    • COD out: <100 mg/l
    • Receiver: municipal sewage


Forneria Gusparo S.p.A., a well known factory in confectionery sector, has been recently upgraded to modify volume and typology of final products, that led to an increase of the quantity of waste water daily production, also modifying its pollutant composition. Due to this, and for environmental company policy too, we were asked for a technical proposal to increase capacity and treatment performances of the existing waste water treatment plant.


The existing waste water treatment plant was composed of a chemical physycal treatment followed by an SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) biological stage. Existing facilities (tanks) has been recovered, the SBR stage has been converted to equalization, and beside it a new biolocical treatmet has been erected: the new system is composed of a new DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) chemical physiycal stage followed by a MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) section. The transition to the new plant has been executed without interrupting plant operation. Treatment performances are very high (organic load reduction rate is closed to 99,7 %) and features of treated water are a lot better than what required by discharge requirements.
The system is equipped with an enhanced automation, aimed to increase treatmemnt stability and reduce human resources engagement, and can be fully controlled by remore through WEB connection.

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