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  • Tarcento (Ud) - Italy

Construction Technologies

Construction year

  • 2016

Plant performance

    • Daily Output: 110 M3/Dd
    • COD Out: 160 Mg/L
    • Receiver: Sewer System


As required by the Client:Friulprint S.r.l., prominent textile printing factory in the province of Udine, needed to upgrade the existing wastewater treatment plant base on the Fenton technology and finishing process using marine plants.

The most critical pollutants are ammonia, a not readily biodegradable COD and colours.

The client required especially an energy efficient system with a lower use of reagents: easy to manage and with a short completion time.


We planned a new treatment plan based on the activated-sludge technology combined with a limited use of chemicals. In order to speed up the completion time we used prefabricated tanks in G.R.P. glazed steel for process reactors. The Glass Reinforced Panels had been assembled on site in 5 days only, the Client only had to realise a flat concrete platform.

The pre-treatment line has been adapted, too, and the final stage using marine plants has been maintained, even though it is not necessary.

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