Napoleone Restaurant (UD)

Design and upgrading of a wastewater treatment plant - Castions di Strada (Ud) - Italy

360° Service


  • Castions di Strada (Ud) - Italy

Purification Technologies

Construction Technologies

Construction year

  • 2007

Plant performance

    • Population Equivalent: 500
    • Daily Output: 20 M3/Dd
    • COD Out: <100 Mg/L
    • Receiver: Land
+39 0432 888070


    After the enlargement of the restaurant, the existing wastewater treatment plant was undersized for the actual needs, and there was no sufficient space available for a further extension.


    Because of the need of incrementing the system capability maintaining the existing tanks, in compliance with the strict limits set by law, we deemed necessary to upgrade the plant with the MBR technology.

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