Macelleria Pugnetti

Design and construction of a wastewater treatment plant

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  • Majano (Ud) - Italy

Purification Technologies

Construction Technologies

Construction year

  • 2016

Plant performance

    • Population Equivalent: 4000
    • Daily Output: T M3/Dd
    • COD In: 2500 Mg/L
    • COD Out: <500 Mg/L
    • Receiver: Sewer System


The customer is a butchery with its lean-to slaughterhouse. The sewage of the slaughterhouse, before draining in the sewage disposal plant , must be treated to meet the requirement set out in Annex5 of the Italian Legislative Decree 152/06.


In consideration of the low daily output and in order to avoid burdening the Customer with an extra management attention, we decided to build a SBR treatment plant within prefabricated polyethylene tanks.

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