Prà della Luna

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  • Talmassons (Italy)

Purification Technologies

Plant performance

    • Daily Output: 80 M3/Dd
    • COD In: 9000 Mg/L
    • COD Out: 120 Mg/L


Following the recent growth in the production capacity of the site in Flumignano (UD), that can now effectively process 140.000 Q of grapes per year, the existing wastewater treatment plant of the wine cellar was inadequate. Moreover, since the outdoor area available has been occupied by the new must vats, there was no room for new tanks to increase the volume of material to treat.


We redesigned the whole purifying system of the wastewater treatment plant of the wine cellar. By optimising processing, updating technologies in use and replacing all electromechanical equipments we obtained a remarkable increase in the system capability and purifying yields avoiding rebuilding works and the adding of new tanks.

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