Bouvard S.p.A.

Water treatment plant for the confectionery company

360° Service


  • Fagagna (Ud) - Italy

Purification Technologies

Construction year

  • 2016

Plant performance

    • Population Equivalent: 17000
    • Daily Output: 50 M3/Dd
    • COD In: 30000 Mg/L
    • COD Out: <100 Mg/L
    • Receiver: Sewer System


The functioning of the anaerobic digester is balanced with a performance increase by more than 90%, as well as higher levels of biogas productions. The final MBBR treatment abundantly ensures the compliance with the requirements in terms of discharge limits and absence of odours, against optimum ease of maintenance.


The multinational confectionery company, Bouvard S.p.A., needed an upgrading of the wastewater treatment plant of its factory in Fagagna (UD). The plant was characterized by an anaerobic digestion phase and a subsequent activated sludge aerobic finishing, however, respecting the discharge limits required a great deal of effort. The main problems were the excessive presence of fats and odours.


We performed the internal maintenance of the anaerobic digester and optimised its own supply system. Part of the incoming sludge was blocked and degreased through a new DAF system, while the finishing aerobic treatment was strengthened converting to a MBBR. Moreover, we optimised the lines for the management of excess sludge.

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